• Top 10: Saudi Arabia’s largest projects by value

    Saudi Arabia’s 10 largest construction projects are worth a combined $92bn (SAR345bn), according to research published ahead of The Big 5 Saudi 2017.

    BNC Network’s Report on Ongoing Mega Projects, which was commissioned by the show’s organisers, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, revealed the approximate values and estimated completion dates of the kingdom’s 10 largest construction projects.

    At an estimated $700bn (SAR2.63tn), the researchers also found that the sectors of urban construction and transportation account for approximately 68% of the overall value of projects in Saudi Arabia.

    The following article lists the country’s 10 largest construction projects by value, in ascending order.

    Project name: Jeddah Tower
    Location: Jeddah
    Designation: Mixed-use
    Approximate value: $1.8bn (SAR6.75bn)
    Estimated completion date: March 2020

    Project name: The Avenues
    Location: Riyadh
    Designation: Retail
    Approximate value: $1.9bn (SAR7.13bn)
    Estimated completion date: 2019

    Project name: Mall of Saudi
    Location: Riyadh
    Designation: Retail
    Approximate value: $3.2bn (SAR12bn)
    Estimated completion date: March 2022

    Project name: Abraj Kudai
    Location: Mecca
    Designation: Hospitality
    Approximate value: $3.5bn (SAR13.1bn)
    Estimated completion date: End of 2017

    Project name: Fadhili Gas Plant
    Location: Jubail
    Designation: Oil and gas
    Approximate value: $6.6bn (SAR24.75bn)
    Estimated completion date: December 2018

    Project name: Prophet’s Mosque
    Location: Medina
    Designation: Religious
    Approximate value: $6.7bn (SAR25.13bn)
    Estimated completion date: End of 2017

    Project name: Jazan Oil Refinery
    Location: Jazan
    Designation: Oil and gas
    Approximate value: $7bn (SAR26.25bn)
    Estimated completion date: 30 November, 2017

    Project name: Holy Haram Mosque
    Location: Mecca
    Designation: Religious
    Approximate value: $17.2bn (SAR64.5bn)
    Estimated completion date: May 2019

    Project name: Dahiyat Al Fursan
    Location: Riyadh
    Designation: Residential
    Approximate value: $20bn (SAR75bn)
    Estimated completion date: March 2020

    Project name: Riyadh metro
    Location: Riyadh
    Designation: Transport
    Approximate value: $24.3bn (SAR91.1bn)
    Estimated completion date: December 2020 (overall)

    Courtesy Construction Week 

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